The Person Behind The Lens

I do photography and videography but with the perspective of an ARTIST

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My approach is

Your wedding day is a grander story than anything else. In my opinion, it should be the most important investment, aside from your venue, to find the person who captures your past, present, and future—the eternal soul and your miracle. I want to connect with couples who click with me, who love emotion, engaging in good long conversations, and who have a sense of style and appreciation for arts. Tell me your story, and I will bring your vision to life.

You can be sure that your true love story is in good hands.

I have learned that clear communication is key to a smooth wedding day, so we will ensure that we get to know each other and are on the same page regarding everything you are looking for. I am easily accessible for questions, ideas, feedback, or anything else you may need, starting from your very first contact with me.


The less bearded drummer boy

Daniel Horvath

At the age of 3, I knew I wanted to be a drummer.

Nothing is more inspiring than meeting new people.

I graduated from a Classical Music University and worked in the industry for over 30 years, traveling all over the world from Japan to Africa, performing in big stadiums and small concert halls. My background in music and my artist family have instilled in me a high sense of sensitivity to look beyond the surface, delve deeper into stories, and capture those unique moments that others may overlook


I was a traveler and storyteller before I ventured into weddings. I love being on the road and visiting new countries. I shoot weddings from London to Paris, from romantic Florence to the picturesque Moroccan desert. I am always seeking those moments that are often unseen. Coming from a musical background, I have a deep sense of capturing the unseen and small details.

back to basics:



I'm obsessed with:

- I was a professional drummer and music teacher, traveling all over the world from Japan to Africa, performing in big stadiums and small concert halls.

- I am a non-alcoholic workaholic. Yeah, I prefer water or tea, and I work a lot. I mean, really. That's what I need to work on.

Addicted to:


- I am a vintage guy. Obsessed with leather and woods. Soon to be a Mustang old timer owner.

- chocolates and all kind of sweets


where my style from:

- I don't have Netflix; instead, I prefer to watch old TV series like Poirot or Columbo. (Yes, I am an old man)

- I am into fashion. You can often find me at major Fashion Weeks from Paris to Milan. Search for 'pitti uomo'.

I take on a limited number of weddings each year so get in touch to discuss your plans

I want to be your friend who can help you each step along the way so I can document your story what means everything to you.

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