Zita / Luke


Zita and Luke are a sweetheart couple. Their wedding was held in the lovely Amber Bride by Sorg Villa. The amazing white theme floral decor made by Letti from Blush Wedding Decor. I was fascinated by the Armenian tradition from Luke's side. The pot breaking with the candies, the traditional dancing and so much more that was absolutely fulfilled the whole wedding day. We started the day with getting ready at the Amber Bride villa. The ceremony was held by Kratancsik Tünde who I accidentally know from back in the day when I was modelling and she was one of the agent. Funny how far we have come. After the ceremony, we had group photos and family photos, then we went for creative shots around the villa. Later on, we ended at Cocktail Hour where Zita and Luke had time with their loved ones and went to the backyard, which is the most stunning location of the villa where the dinner was served. During that, we listened numerous speeches from brothers and parents, which was so meaningful and I almost cried how the two families brought moments together. We ended the night with cake cutting and a sparkling exit and a big party.